Hemp86 was created by two professionals in the industry that wanted a better hemp smoking solution.  Experts in the CBD oil and vape space, we wanted people to have a better alternative when it comes to smoking CBD.  Based out of Southern California, we knew a thing or two about smoking hemp.

After discovering the options available, we were not satisfied with what the market was producing.  The quality of the hemp being offered in CBD cigarettes was not up to our expectation.

We would commonly see seeds and stems, extreme harshness and low quality CBD.

Using our experience in the CBD space, we were able to craft a smoking CBD product that we would smok ourselves.

Here are the reasons why we think you should look at Hemp86 as your new smoking alternative

Reason #1:  High Quality CBD

We strive to bring you the highest quality and highest strength legally possible (legal in all 50 states).  Being in the smoking space for over 6 years, we've developed a strong connection with farmers and hemp producers.

Reason #2:  Filtered for Smoothness

Most CBD and preoll cigarettes on the market were using hemp straight from the farm.  This consist of dirt and many other things that can ruine your smoking experience.  ALL our hemp is processed and filtered for a smooth smoking experience.

Reason #3:  Lower Prices 

Using our deep connections in the industry, we were able to get the best prices while still maintaining a high level of CBD.  We passed these cost savings onto our customers.  We believe that we offer a higher quality product while offering a better price.

Reason #4: Transparency

We pride on the fact that we do what we say.  All our products are lab tested.

If you are looking to make the switch, please visit our online CBD cigarette store for all your smoking needs.