The Canadian Government is going to Legalize Cannabis Consumption

5th Jun 2020

The Canadian Government is going to Legalize Cannabis Consumption

Canada will be the first industrialized country to use marijuana for recreation at the end of this summer and legalize cannabis consumption. However, as a way of treating the disease, the country lifted the ban on marijuana use in the 21st. Canada's western province of British Columbia, especially the third-largest city in Vancouver, has long been used for cannabis.

Vancouver is called the cannabis capital of Canada. There is also the world's largest marijuana farm in the Fraser Valley, a short distance from this city. It's near the US border. Hillary Black is the director of education and publicity for Canopy Growth. Canopy Growth is the world's largest marijuana growing company.

He says he once met a woman. He was bedridden in arthritis. Then he went to his house and sat down and ate marijuana. The response of the cannabis to that patient was astonishing.

Canada's use of cannabis was lifted in Canada in the fall of the 20th.

Shortly after serving, he began to move his limbs. He began to spread his arms and legs. And he cried. Hillary Black said she was furious that the law had kept her away from the herb for so long.

The environment of the marijuana firm is very controlled. To enter here you have to read appropriate clothing, read the net on the head, read the boots and gloves. The farm has about one million tubs with cannabis plants of different ages. Thousands of electric bulbs are burning all day over the head. They are spreading like daylight.

And there are many types of tubes, from which water, liquid nutrients, and carbon dioxide are being supplied to the cannabis plant.

How cannabis was used to relieve the disease was seen in a medical clinic about 5 km from Vancouver.

A grocery store in Los Angeles.

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I met a patient. He revealed that his name was Lynn Johnston. He has lived through pain all his life. When he was 8, his mother took him to the chiropractor. But there was no result. Lynn Johnston is 5 now. Only 20 have had a successful diagnosis of the disease. He has been informed that he has three types of arthritis in his body. The pain in this disease is difficult to bear. He said arthritis made people very weak.

Dr. is the director of the medical department of this clinic. Caroline McCallum. He works as a specialist in cases of complex pain in the body, especially in those who have no treatment. He said that patients come to their office who did not get any results, despite various treatments.

Cannabis packets used for treatment.

These patients are in pain before their eyes. They do not know what has happened to them, they do not know what to treat them.

Then they have to wonder if they can really help patients?

The Canadian government has launched a major campaign aimed at eliminating the problems that can be created by legalizing marijuana. National public opinion polls show 5% of Canadians favor legalizing cannabis. Those who oppose the government's move also favor lifting the ban on cannabis. They say the law on cannabis should be properly made.

Iona Martin is the Deputy Head of the Conservative Party in the Senate of the Canadian Parliament. He says the draft law aims to protect the country's young society.

Former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair is an MP. He was asked by a BBC correspondent, "Do they make the situation worse and not worse?"

Mr. Blair responded that they were not only legalizing the drug. With the new law, the ban is going to impose restrictions on its production, sale, and distribution.

At the same time, they want to make sure that the drug is not sold to children. He said the control would not have been possible without the law before.

With the question of legalizing cannabis use, Canada will be looking at how successful the test is.

Canadian leaders understand that too. So, they will do their best to succeed.