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If you’re looking for some of the best CBD flowers, then look no further than Hemp86.  Our CBD buds are of the highest quality and sourced from experience hemp farmers located here in the USA.   Our smokable hemp flowers have been sealed and protected with humidity bags for the perfect storage conditions to ensure you get the best product on arrival.  It stores and holds freshness long after you have opened the container.  If you’re looking to smoke the best quality hemp for your CBD needs, it doesn’t get better than Hemp86 CBD flowers.

What are CBD Hemp Flowers?

Hemp flowers are parts of the hemp plant where you will find the most CBD content.  On the flower is where you will find the highest populations of trichomes – the cannabinoid making centers of the hemp.

The flowers will look like little bushes with hairs on them.  You might also see what looks like a sugary dust on the flowers.  These are the trichomes.


Additional Info

Are CBD flowers the same as CBD buds?

Yes, a CBD bud is another term for CBD flowers.  A “bud” is the layman’s term for flower.


How do I use hemp buds?

The most common use for CBD flowers is to smoke it.  Its recommended that you grind up your buds and place it in a smoking pipe, vaporizer, bong or any other rig that allows you to smoke dry plant material.  You COULD use it for other services like cooking but it would not be the most cost effective.


What are the benefits of smoking CBD?

Smoking CBD is one of the most effective and quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD.  Other methods like oils and edibles take hours to take full effect.  By smoking hemp, you’ll feel the effects within a few minutes.  The CBD goes from the lungs directly to your bloodstream with little to no wait time.

Another direct benefit is the amount of CBD that actually makes it to your blood stream to take effect.  When you ingest CBD, your liver metabolizes away some of the CBD and a lot of it is lost due to digestion and metabolism.  By inhaling and smoking CBD, you maximize the amount of CBD that actually gets utilized.  There is much less waste.


Can I buy CBD flowers online? 

You can absolutely buy CBD flowers online.  Our CBD flowers are taken from hemp plants that are legal under federal law.  All of our hemp products are legal under the Farm Bill and have less than 0.3% THC.

We have a selection of various strains of CBD hemp flower for sale.   We’re confident that you’ll find the hemp strain that fits your needs.


Will CBD Hemp Flowers get me high?

No, smoking hemp flowers will not get you high.  There is not enough THC to cause any head high.


What are CBD hemp flower effects?

You will feel more relaxation and a sense of calm and relief but there is no grogginess or psychoactivity.

You’ll be 100% fully functional, yet still enjoy the calming effects of CBD.

There is a myriad of other effects that CBD hemp flowers will impart on the user but any health related benefits is banned from being stated according to FDA rules.

Smoking CBD flowers can be smoked daily to get your desired outcome.  You get the satisfaction of using a pure natural product that hasn’t been processed with additional ingredients or chemicals – just the way nature intended.