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Enjoy an even smoother, fresher experience with our Menthol CBD Cigarettes.  The first of its kind on the market!  Now you can enjoy the minty taste and aroma that’ll smoothen and soothe any harshness.

Our menthol cigarettes still contain our water cured hemp grown here in the USA and is completely legal.  Get 70 mg of CBD with each cigarette.

Each CBD cigarettes pack contains 10 hemp cigarettes for a total of 700mg.

Our natural hemp cigarettes is a good alternative to nicotine cigarettes.  Add on top of that the natural flavoring of hemp and you have one of the best menthol cigarettes on the market.  Smoking hemp has been around for thousands of years and continues to produce a wide range of benefits


Additional Info:

Are hemp cigarettes legal?

Yes, hemp cigarettes are legal across the Unites States.  Since, these cigarettes are made of 100% hemp material, it is completely legal.  All our hemp products have less than the legal threshold of 0.3% of THC.

There may be local laws regarding the possession and use of CBD products.  It is important that you check your local jurisdiction to make sure that hemp is safe to buy and use.  Federal laws allow hemp but they also give local governments the ability to police their own regions and have their own laws.


Can I use hemp cigarettes for pain?

People have used CBD in various ways to improve their lives but it is currently no legally permissible to openly state that CBD diagnoses, cures or treats any disease since it has not yet gone through FDA approval and testing.

If you spend a little time researching the benefits and effect of CBD use from the thousands of users across the country, you’ll find your answer.


Are there any side effects from using hemp cigarettes?

We have heard no side effects from our hemp cigarettes.  Everyone is different and reacts to things differently.  If you find that there are side effects then we suggest that you discontinue usage.


Does hemp cigarettes have THC?

Yes, our CBD cigarettes have trace amounts of CBD.  All our hemp plant material has less than 0.3% THC, which is below the legal threshold.

This amount of THC is not enough to get you high or cause you to fail a drug test.  Unfortunately, at this moment, there is no option for zero THC hemp cigarettes.


What are the benefits of hemp cigarettes?

You get the all the benefits of CBD in a method that’s quick and efficient.  By now, everyone has probably heard what CBD can do for you.  One unique advantage that smoking hemp can impart is it’s fast action and efficiency.

Most people don’t know that smoking or inhaling CBD works much more efficiently than ingesting like most people do.

When you swallow or ingest some CBD oil, capsule or edible, your body will go through what is called first pass metabolism where your liver will break down what you have digested.

This creates a problem in that a lot of that CBD that you paid good money for has just been metabolized away and wasted before it gets into your blood to take effect.

Smoking hemp bypasses this first pass activation you maximize the amount of CBD that is utilized by your body.  Plus, smoking hemp works in minutes as opposed to the hours it takes for ingesting CBD.  There is no long activation time.


Are hemp cigarettes better than tobacco?

This is a subjective question that is difficult to answer.  In our opinion, yes, we believe hemp cigarettes is better than tobacco but obviously, we are a little biased.

The reasons why we believe this to be the case is that hemp cigarettes contain only hemp plant material.  Tobacco cigarettes have various chemicals and additives added to them.  The major, of which, is addictive nicotine.  In fact, this is the main reason why lots of people are switching from tobacco to hemp.

Another MAJOR reason is the CBD content.  We all know what CBD can do for you as reported by the thousands if not millions of people that are using it.  This, alone, can be enough reason why we think hemp is better than tobacco.  Everything else can be the proverbial “icing on the cake”.

Over time, we feel that more people will also agree with us on these claims and make the switch to a more natural, safer product


Do hemp cigarettes smell? 

There is a slight smell of hemp when you smoke our cigarettes.  We have gone to great lengths to find natural ways to cure and filter out the smell from hemp to remove the “weed” smell without excess processing or adding chemicals.  We attempt to be as holistic as possible and we believe our curing process has achieved just that.  People have described the smell from our hemp cigarettes as different than both traditional cigarettes and marijuana.  It is wholly unique and different than anything else.