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Hemp86 Cigarettes are one of the most cleanest, pure CBD cigarettes on the market.  We water cure all our hemp plant material so you have the cleanest, smoothest smoke you can get.

Our CBD Cigarettes are made of 100% pure hemp plant material grown in the USA.   Each hemp cigarette contains a 70 mg of CBD for maximum benefits. Smoking hemp is one of the quickest ways to get CBD into your system.  It works within minutes instead of hours like traditional methods.  Our unique curing process leaves you with a smoke that’s cleaner, fresher and smoother.

Each Pack contains 10 CBD cigarettes for a total of 700 mg of CBD!

We also offer our CBD cigarettes in menthol.

Additional Info :

Can you smoke hemp?

Yes, you can smoke hemp.  Its perfectly safe to smoke hemp.  There is evidence that people have been smoking hemp and cannabis for thousands of years.  Due to the resurgence of CBD, hemp smoking has been revitalized for its long list of benefits.


What are the benefits of smoking hemp?

Smoking hemp is a great way to get CBD.  In fact, there may be no better way to get CBD into your body with a minimum amount of waste and wait time.

Regular methods of CBD use like oils and tinctures take a long time to take effect and gets lost due to digestion and metabolism.  There are reports that first pass metabolism can remove more than 50% of your intake of CBD from oils or edibles.  Who ever knew digestion could be so wasteful and expensive?


How will using hemp cigarettes make me feel?

You will feel a nice little head change that induces relaxation similar to nicotine cigarettes, without the addictive nature.

You won’t feel groggy or tired like you would with marijuana.

It’s just a nice blanket of calm that makes you feel good.


Is it legal to buy CBD cigarettes online?

Yes, it is legal to buy CBD cigarettes online.  It is no different than the sales of any other CBD product just as long as it is made from hemp and not marijuana.  Marijuana is not yet legal across all 50 states.  You will find them being sold from various sources online.  If you are looking for CBD cigarettes on sale, check out our selection of CBD cigarettes made from 100% CBD flowers.


How much CBD is found in CBD hemp cigarettes?

This will depend on the brand of hemp cigarettes that you buy.  Hemp86 cigarettes have over 50 mg of CBD from each cigarette.  Check the packaging of each product to find out exactly how much CBD in found in each cigarette or pack.


Can smoking CBD be used to quit smoking cigarettes?

Nothing has been proven to show that smoking CBD has helped people quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.  However, lots of people are finding the additional benefits of smoking CBD without addictive nicotine.  More people are making the switch but smoking hemp is not a smoking cessation product.


What is the smell of CBD cigarettes?

You will find that the smell to be slightly like the smell of hemp or cannabis.  For the sake of inconspicuousness, we have water cured and filter all our hemp material to reduce the smell of hemp to near zero.  Our hemp86 CBD cigarettes will smell more like traditional cigarettes so you can smoke them freely without glances or attention.


Are there CBD cigarettes with no THC?

At this moment, there are no CBD cigarettes with zero THC.  At least, none that we are aware of.  Zero THC CBD products are filtered and extracted so that all the THC is removed.  CBD cigarettes are made from pure, natural hemp plant material and there are currently no strains that have only CBD.  There is usually some amount of THC in hemp.   It’s just at a level that won’t get you high.