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Hemp86 Hemp Pre Rolls are uses 17% CBD Hemp flowers for one the highest percentages of CBD on the market.  All of our hemp material is properly cured and stored for a fresh and cleaner smoke.   We only source high quality CBD flowers grown in the USA.  No other smoking hemp product is as clean as ours.

Each CBD Pre Roll is over a gram and half of premium high quality CBD flowers packed in a classic 1 ¼ inch RAW cone.  RAW cones are known for being natural and unrefined.  These cones burn smoothly and evenly for a perfect hit each time.  No artificial ingredients or products here.

With over 100 grams of CBD in each CBD Pre Roll, you’re getting great bang for your buck when looking at cost per mg of CBD.  Filled with high quality flowers containing large amounts of CBD, you’ll surely get the maximum benefit and relief you’re looking for.  Enjoy a stress free, relaxing day with Hemp86 CBD pre rolls.


What are CBD Hemp Pre Rolls?

CBD Pre Rolls is CBD hemp plant material packed inside smoking paper with a filter in the end.  Each CBD preroll is packed to the brim to get the most out of each smoke.  Most pre rolled CBD products are filled with trim.  The trim is excess hemp plant material that usually goes to waste or used for extracts and other products not requiring high amounts of CBD.  Not ours.  Hemp86 uses only high quality hemp based CBD flowers for maximum quality and satisfaction.


Best CBD Flower Pre Rolls

We only pack our CBD pre rolls with high quality CBD flowers that’s kept fresh in proper conditions so you get a smooth smoke that’s not harsh and doesn’t burn.  Hemp86 doesn’t use cheap, leftover trim that is found in most hemp pre rolls.  By using CBD flowers, you’re guaranteed to get the best part of the hemp plants that chocked full of trichomes for the most concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids.

The smell and aroma you get from our high quality flowers make our hemp pre rolls is fresh and invigorating to smoke.


Additional Info:

Where to buy CBD pre rolls?

You can buy CBD pre rolls directly from our online CBD store.  We stand by our products and offer a 30-day money back guarantee for unopened products – no questions asked.  We ask that you don’t open the packaging to protect the product against degradation.


How does CBD pre rolls make you feel?

Our CBD joints are packed with CBD for a multitude of benefits.  You’ll find a sense of calm and relaxation every time you partake in a few puffs.  What’s great is that it works in only a couple of minutes.

It has also been proven by thousands of people to be effective for many other reasons.


How are our CBD pre rolls made?

We pack 17% CBD flowers into class RAW cones that are 1 ¼ inch diametr and 84 mm in length.  We don’t use any CBD trim made of sugar leaves or CBD nugs.  We only use the highest quality flower.

We make sure each CBD preroll is packed tight and evenly for a smooth, even smoke.

We close off the tops of the RAW cone so that no plant material falls out and that’s it!


How much CBD is in CBD pre rolls?

There is over 100 mg of CBD in each roll.  This is enough CBD to tackle even the heaviest of users.


Do CBD pre rolls have THC?

Yes, there is trace amount of THC in our pre-rolls.  However, it is not enough to elicit any psychoactive effects or get you high.  By legal standards, there is less than 0.3% delta9-THC in our hemp flowers.  At this concentration you won’t fail any drug tests but we cannot guarantee it.   Contact us if you have any questions regarding THC and drug tests with CBD products.